Our Concrete Leveling and Repair Advantage

A-1 Concrete Leveling Colorado Springs uses a patented concrete repair process that is similar to traditional concrete raising methods, but there are some significant differences.

Better Concrete Leveling Technology

  • Our process works at 5 psi, a much lower pressure than traditional concrete lifting, which can go as high as 700 psi.
  • Using such a low pressure enables the lifting of concrete with less risk of cracking or damage to the surrounding area. It also allows the material to fill the voids under the slab much more fully.
  • We also use smaller holes, only 1 inch in diameter (about the size of a quarter) which is three to eight times smaller than conventional concrete lifting; this leaves your concrete driveway, sidewalks, patio or porches much cleaner and closer to their original look.


Better Concrete Leveling Material

Our environmentally friendly, concrete-free AgLime slurry is a safer choice for the environment; it is a proven stable material with over 500,000 jobs completed nationwide.

Traditional concrete lifting methods use a soil-based mud slurry or sand and concrete mixture that doesn't flow as well and can erode and lose support much more quickly requiring a higher rate of return to re-lift the concrete.

Our resettling rate is less than 1 percent which means that 99% of the jobs we complete never need to be lifted again. If a slab does need to be lifted again, we are able to reuse the same holes.

Most traditional concrete leveling companies will need to drill new holes if the concrete needs to be pumped again, which affects the strength and integrity of the concrete.